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We are a non-profit creating the model for the Safest School in America.

We provide advanced training and tools to ensure students have a safe educational experience. Our software integrates site sensor data with human input enabling effective management of emergencies in real-time, protecting students, faculty and staff.

Our model will redefine the standard of School Safety in America.

We partner with the Public and Private sectors, and local communities, to raise funds to Pilot this pioneering model – Project 180.


180 School Shootings in the past 10 years.

Project 180 will reverse the trend of violence,

without making schools look or feel like prisons. We integrate advanced protective technologies with Human and Artificial Intelligence to deliver the first Campus Protective Ecosystem model.

How Does the Campus Protective Ecosystem Work?

The Campus Protective Ecosystem provides layers of security surrounding the students, faculty and staff.

It can make any campus safer by using artificial intelligence to integrate on-campus security systems with the site occupants.

It will streamline emergency planning and preparedness, and provide everyone with guidance on what to do and where to go to be safe.

Campus Alert Network

The Campus Alert Network is a site-specific Security App enabling, engaging and empowering students to participate in their own safety and security. If they see something, the App provides a way for them to say something – immediately and anonymously, and collaborate during emergencies.

Students, faculty, staff and parents will all have partitioned access to this secure, private network.

The App also contains a mass notification feature ensuring that all users receive relevant information and guidance in real time.

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